Monday, January 4, 2016


The CANDY HEARTS SERIES is a multi-author collection of unrelated short stories that can be found in all configurations: contemporary, historical, erotic, paranormal. You name it, and you can find a Candy Hearts story that fits the bill.

The one thing they all have in common is that they're short, flirty fun and revolve around three totally wonderful things: romance, Valentine's Day, and those extra-sugary little candy hearts that have been in existence for decades and feature a variety of fun sayings.

The whole collection launches today and will continue releasing throughout January and February. During that period I'll try to present (hopefully) all of the books in the series, though I  may be a bit late in showcasing some of them.

However for a real treat, you can always watch the wonderful youtube video Candy Hearts author Sydney St.Claire created. That will give  you a glimpse of each and every one of the selections. Here's the link to it:

A list of buy links for all the books can also be found at THE WILD ROSE PRESS

In fact, THE WILD ROSE PRESS has even been generous enough to have a rafflecopter draw for a KINDLE FIRE. So one lucky winner will even be able to read these great little gems (just think of small, rich bonbons but without the calories) on a new Kindle Fire.

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