Works In Progress


When you’re used to living at the edge of your meager finances, any unexpected expense can send you right over a financial cliff. 

So when Dale Hannigan’s apartment becomes too pricey for her fragile budget, she has to scramble to find new digs.  With the help of her not-quite boyfriend, Pat Fontaine, she finally manages to snare a semi-affordable one-bedroom. 

What a wonderful break! 

Or so she thinks…until she moves in. 

Unfortunately, on her first day there she discovers that the last tenant, a beautiful blonde, was murdered in her bed.  Even more unfortunately, she suddenly realizes that, for some unknown reason, her own murder may be next on the killer’s to-do list.

                                                2) UNTITLED (WIP)

Pat Fontaine’s uncle, Fiorello Fontana, is visiting Sicily for a little R. and R. 

So far, so good.  After all, what could possibly go wrong on a merry trip to the homeland of one’s ancestors? 

Well, actually a lot of things can, and do, go seriously awry. 

So when Fiorello’s wife, Seraphina, phones from Palermo in a panic to announce that her husband has disappeared, Dale and by-now official boyfriend Pat head to the island to provide the poor, distraught woman with some much-needed solace. 

Not the best plan in the world, as it turns out, because once Dale arrives, she belatedly discovers that providing solace also includes being chased, kidnapped, confronted by the Fontana family curse and challenged for Pat’s affections by the Sicilian version of Angelina Jolie.